Series Information 

Web Series Name : The Village

Rating : 5.4/10

Languages : Hindi,Tamil,Talugu,Kanada,Malaylam

Durations: 6 Episode Per Episode 30-35 minutes

Genre : Horror,Thriller

Written : Deepthi Govindarajan Milind Rau Deeraj Vaidy

Directed : Milind Rau

Cast : Arya Aadukalam Naren Muthukumar & Many more....

Release : 24 November 2023


One night, a man named Goutham and his family Kattiyal were passing through the village when his car punctured down. There was no house or anything nearby, so Goutham left his wife and child in the car and went for help. But no one wanted to help after hearing the name of Kattiyal village. Because no one could return alive from that village, everyone thought that there was a ghost in that village. Later, when three people come to help Goutham, Kattiyal goes to the village and finds that Gouthams no wife, no children, and no car. Except for Goutham and his family The other three died. Many more died that night. There are more stories. To know everything, you have to watch the web series.


Good side : A web series worth watching You can see it will be good. The acting was good. There are many terrible stories. Episodes 1-4 were very good.The murders were good to see.

Look at some horrible photos.

They eat people.


Shame is the time to cut your own throat.

Time to chop off the doctor's hand.

Emotional Time

Time to chop off the driver's head.

Bad Side

Some of the VFX looked ridiculous. The story was good in the beginning. It gets worse after four episodes. Some of the stories seemed ridiculous.It would have been better if it had been edited better with a little more time.could have done better. The story could have been better.


All acted well, and I like Aadukalam Naren's performance the most.

Watching or Not

If you like horror thriller web series movies, then you can see.

Not too good, but good to watch one time.

How to watching The village Web Series

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