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Movie Information 

Name : Sweet Home

Rating : 7.3/10

Language : Original Language Korean English Hindi & More Language 

Duration : Total 2 Season available on Netflix 

Genre : Apocalyptic, Horror, Action, Fantasy

Written : Hong So-ri, Kim Hyung-min, Park So-jung

Directed : Lee Eung-bok

Starring : Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young

Music : Gaemi (Season 1) Nam Hye-seung (Season 2)

Release :  December 1, 2023


Inside the entire Season 1 hotel There is a young man in that hotel who is infected with the monster virus. But he can handle himself, so they are called Special Infected. But in that hotel, another person contracted the virus and bit one. And people infected with this virus bite each other. Many are affected in this way. So everyone wants to go out, but there are many more infected monsters out there.
As time goes by, more and more infected people are coming to the hotel. Many terrible stories happen in this hotel; everyone fights for survival and saves them from the special infected young boy Monster Monsters. At the end, everyone can get out of the hotel, but at the cost of many lives. But it doesn't end here. just beginning
Season 2: Time to take the special-infected young boy to make the vaccine Another monster guy kidnaps him on the street. The one who kidnaps is also special-infected. Another girl gave birth to a monster baby girl. That child is like a human. That girl can make a monster by touching anyone. More small monsters are born.Those who are not affected are accommodated, and the Army stays there. The army searched and went where monsters are made, but they are stronger. So there was no benefit, but many more died there. No one can live in peace anywhere in the country, but there are many good monsters who do not harm anyone.

Review Sweet Home Netflix Web Series 

One of the best Netflix series I've seen. I love series with such monsters. Netflix always gives us such web series. A very good series Emotions Scene There are love stories. Comedy & There are terrible stories. There are fights. This really is a wonderful series.

Acting Performance

Everyone's performance was very good


Koreans make very good movie web series. Their directors are very clever. They make movie series very nicely. The Sweet Home Series has also done very well. Really, you are brilliant. Lee Eung-bok

Cinematography & Music

Awesome cinematography Music was more beautiful. Music is provided exactly when needed. Because if the music of a movie or series is not given properly, people will never like that. Music makes a beautiful thing more beautiful.

Downside Animal Movie

There is no bad side to this series; everything is fine. The story in Season 2 was a bit slow.

My personal opinion

I like the Sweet Home Series very much. Sweet Home is one of the best Netflix series I've seen. You can see that time will not be wasted. Rather, wait for Season 3.

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